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Door Nabais  18-10-2008 01:59:56
i wonder if someone will see this. if so send me a message on facebook or something
Door a good killer...  29-04-2008 15:15:39
nobody writes...are you all dead????
Door GOTCHA ORGANISATION  26-04-2008 12:27:00







Door Desperate killing wife  24-04-2008 19:32:03
Are you totally crazy!!!
HANNEEE, you can't leave the country it isn't fair.
Can't I change your card for a new victim?
Attacking her becomes geographicaly impossible.
Door BUSH  24-04-2008 19:29:37
this was info about hanne...
Door BUSH  24-04-2008 19:29:00
she needs to take the plane around 8 o clock in the morning tomorrow, so she will take the taxi around 5 o clock in the morning and check in at least around 6 o clock. She will try to take the taxi at louis camos.

take her down!

Door fast  24-04-2008 19:25:33
i need urgent info about Hanne.
At what time does she depart to the airport. I need to kill otherwise it is to late.
Door INFO SERVICE  24-04-2008 19:16:41
I saw claudia in restauradores, if you're lucky she'll come back home....
Door :)  24-04-2008 18:43:53
federico is attending in praca joao do rio 3 tonight, more or less at 20h30m / 21h00m
good luck
metro alameda
but take attetion....he's alwais late...
you can hide in the park in front the house and wait for him
Door the unkown id  24-04-2008 18:37:41
Anybody knows in wich ospital is working wouter???
Door xxxx  24-04-2008 17:26:19
Where is Federico Lubello at the moment? Will he go somewhere this afternoon? Where is he going tonight?
Door petrolhead  24-04-2008 16:12:21
maybe wouter will come to bairro this evening, but he always have to come allone. He will not be with someone before he enters bairro alto. You only must know the exact date he departures at his home. I don't know his adres. But he must come from the neighbourhoud of martim moniz i think.

Door no killer anymore :(  24-04-2008 16:10:12
i hate livia
Door xxxx  24-04-2008 15:56:04

Door koihjgf  24-04-2008 14:42:53
no he is there till 4o'clock
he will come back with everybody. so no chance today
Door THURSTY FOR BLOOD  24-04-2008 14:30:51
Door hgf  24-04-2008 14:29:20
killer of Kenny, let's go together to kill them.
I need to kill Hanne. it will be dificult 2.
And i heard she will leave Lisboa TOMOROW!!

Door qwer  24-04-2008 13:37:58
can anyone tell me something about the plans of kenny today?
untill when is his girlfriend here?
Door fast and furious  24-04-2008 04:39:35
I need info about Hanne.
When does she goes to school tomorrow?
How does she goes? The same as her flatmates?
I heard she will go to Belgium friday??? Is it true??
I NEED TO KILL. because others i am stuck......
Door the unknow identity  24-04-2008 01:51:46
need information on wouter........
Where can i find him?
What does he usually do?
Where does he live?
Door the unknow identity  24-04-2008 01:46:33
i need information of wouter....
where he live?
Door killer  23-04-2008 21:46:12 me!!! i need to till...NOW!!!
Door to anneleen  23-04-2008 20:58:13
will he come alone?
try to prove me u r anneleen and not sven trying to lie to me...
the name of the street?
Door Anneleen  23-04-2008 20:39:15
Sven will come around 9 o'clock.
Metro Arroios or Alameda
Door to anneleen  23-04-2008 20:22:11
at what time will he be there? which metro station?
Door Anneleen  23-04-2008 19:05:21
Sven, will eat tonight Risotti at my place.
Maybe you can catch him there, he will not be alone probably.
Door Charles  23-04-2008 18:53:53
Hi folks,
As you know I got killed in a brutal way recently, I have now plenty of time to offer my service to you poor victims of cruel killers. For the reasonable price of 3euro/h can accompany you to any place in a radius of 10 km.
For the killers: If you are smart you can rent me to accompany your victim so he thinks he's safe. For 5eur/h I will run away suddenly at a moment that suites you.

Hope to hear from you soon, dear hunters!

P.S.: There can be discussed about the hourly price rates and cash can be changed for beers.
Door INFO SERVICE  23-04-2008 18:44:59
lars has seen her so must be arond!
Door INFO SERVICE  23-04-2008 18:42:41
info for the killer of livia!
Livia is drinking in front of brasileira a beer.
Door sven killer!!  23-04-2008 18:32:13
information on sven??? i need it now!!!
Door ?  23-04-2008 18:16:31
help where is Mat now?
Door Sven  23-04-2008 18:04:14
best killer,
i will go to waterpolo as you know.
i have a nice surprise for you when you arrive.
Door Lars  23-04-2008 17:20:19
killer, you had a good chance today, but where were you?
Door Anna  23-04-2008 15:37:08
I will stay home today.

To my killer: Already realised that i'm hard to catch?

If you wanna know anything about me, ask me! I'm the one who bosses myself!

To my victim: I'm not searching, i'm hunting! Keep your eyes open.

Good luck!
Door good source  23-04-2008 14:18:09
Door THOMAS?  23-04-2008 14:05:38
could anyone give to me any information about Thomas's routine?

Door CORRECT INFO  23-04-2008 13:28:09
The email address is not but
Door IMPORTANT GOTCHA MESSAGE  23-04-2008 13:25:40


after randomly choosing the person who needs to switch his card , Charles will gather the two cards and bring them to there new owners.

muito obrigado and send as soon as possible an email!
Door Lars  23-04-2008 13:20:48
I have a test from 2 till 3h30, then I will take the metro home from Alameda to Rossio.
I think that's enough information..
Good luck..
Door Lars  23-04-2008 13:17:17
yes I will go to university today
Door The Official Gotcha Organisation  23-04-2008 12:59:03
you killed your killer?
So you need to kill yourself?

when this happen a trustfull person will take your card and give it to a random person of the group.
So you need to wait untill we found the person who will collect the card.
All the other killers need to send aswell an email to the thrustfull person.

more info will come later
Door ?!  23-04-2008 12:56:53
Where is Lars today?Can I kill him in university?
Door good source  23-04-2008 11:54:35
to the killer of Thomas
He just left the building, to go to school! He will wait for the bus at Marques Pombal!! Go and take your chance!!!
Door Pain Killer  23-04-2008 11:44:32
to FEDERICO LUBELLO'S killer..he has a test this morning..he will finish it around 11.. faculty ISCTE avenida das foras armadas metro station entre campos today is perfect... bye!!
Door desperate  23-04-2008 02:39:35
I killed my killer what have I to do now??? please help me!!!!! I want to kill again!!
Door Mary  22-04-2008 23:23:14
Was just having a look at the killers' list....Claudia, your photo is great!!! hahahaha loved it
Door the GOTCHA ORGANISATION  22-04-2008 22:02:08
dear killers!!!

notice that if you kill your target, you only get the card of his target where he is CURRENTLY hunting for, not the cards that he has already received of his targets.

greetz from the organisation !
Door sven's killer friend  22-04-2008 21:41:58
for sven's killer:

kill sven in the last day and take all his cards: he'll cry!!!
Door kenny  22-04-2008 21:36:47
i had a lovely dinner with my girlfriend and now i'm working for my project!! I have a lot of work, won't come out a lot this week... bummer
Door the real Sven  22-04-2008 21:27:58
best spy and killer.
after a hard day of hunting, i arrived finally home.
i take now a shower to wash the blood away.
if somebody wants to take a beer later, i am thursty.

xau amigos
Door Sven  22-04-2008 21:23:50
Wait for him near the rossio metro station
Door blu  22-04-2008 21:08:46
so kennys girlfriend is here.. thats interesting
what are they doing tonight?
Door not sven killer  22-04-2008 21:06:47
can anyone spy on sven and tell me when does he come home? last spy: at what time do u think he'll be home?
Door watcher...  22-04-2008 21:05:01
I saw Sven this afthernoon... He was near my place... What were you doing here Sven?? who are you looking for??
Door u  22-04-2008 21:01:00
Claudia is at home...
Door sven  22-04-2008 21:00:05
he's going to take the metro for come back home very soon
Door Claudia  22-04-2008 20:55:59
I'm studying in my bed.
Door huhi  22-04-2008 20:53:23
kenny are you there?
Door pingo doce stalker  22-04-2008 20:48:36
can u help and say where is sven and when does he arrive?
Door Pedro Nabais  22-04-2008 20:47:17
First of all I think is unfair to mislead my killer:
1. My photo sucks!
2. Killer if u're looking for a 22 year old person, I'm not. I'm only 21 so that makes all the difference for u to catch me
3. Sex: In Tejo? I prefer Meco. Now go google Meco

Try to kill me this night: I'll go to a cinema near you!
Door smooth criminal  22-04-2008 20:46:24
can someone tell me where claudia is in this moment!!!! don't lie to me either!
Door xxxxxxx  22-04-2008 20:43:57
Jess has class tomorow at the time of 9h. she leave her house 8h30 and takes the blue metro in baixa metro station- i dont know when she comes home so maybe her killer must wait for her at baixa....
Door killer  22-04-2008 20:42:49
Door Lars  22-04-2008 20:31:18
Haha, thanks charles.. Killer you were too late or I was too fast for you.. Good luck next time..
Door pieter  22-04-2008 20:27:46
hmmm... i like a beer tonight...
Door ?!  22-04-2008 20:20:07
Door ?!  22-04-2008 20:17:57
Lars, you will die insome minutes......
Door Strawberrys  22-04-2008 19:59:00
Anna is not taking dinner at home. If you are lucky you can get her nearby Rua Cidade Cardiff on her way back!
Door e  22-04-2008 19:52:48
Lars is shopping in alameda and will come home with the metro. Best is to catch him on the way of rossio metro to home.He won't expect and he can't run because he's loaded with bags.Go now!
Door ECO ALFA BRAVO  22-04-2008 19:45:45
Guilherme's killer, here goes a little help.
He doesn't have a routine and spends a lot of time home drawing, so the best tactics is to wait him in the door of his house (1o de Dezembro, 3) at TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and THURSDAYS around 7:15 - 8:00am since he always goes to class and on time! COME ON!

TOMORROW IS A PERFECT DAY! dont miss the chance!
Door TO JESS's KILLER  22-04-2008 19:27:51
Do you really want to get Jess? have a plan already?? if not just say, so easy!!
Door killer  22-04-2008 19:26:51
any information about peter?
when does he go out alone?
Door Jack Sparrow  22-04-2008 19:26:46
Does anybody knows anything about Thiago classes tomorrow? Have to kill him as soon as possible!
Door TOMATOHEAD  22-04-2008 18:00:50
kenny is eating an icecream with his girlfriend now, NOT WITH A KILLER!!! HE IS ON PRACA LOUIS CAMOES!!! GET HIM NOW !!!!
Door revolution!!!  22-04-2008 17:45:42
ANNA SANNA goes out normally with italians or her flatmates (3 portuguese guys)..u can found her in BA during the week end but not every WE...the last one she stayed at home to maybe u r luky and the next one she will be in BA!!! Mezcal if she is with the italians
Door Lars  22-04-2008 17:20:51
Hi, this is lars, test is already done, you should have been faster
good luck the next time
Door *_*  22-04-2008 17:02:48
anna sanna-where does she go out at weekends?
which day she has classes?
when is she jogging??
please let me know.. I`m in a real killing mood today!
Door Jess  22-04-2008 17:02:47
To my killer... so u dont want to know anything about me then? u have made no effort so far on finding out information about me.. u think u will kill me that easily?? U know nothing!! U wont EVER catch me!!!
Door ?  22-04-2008 16:52:44
Test?Lars?i want to know all....
Door the killer wale  22-04-2008 16:36:50
i dont wait infront of peoples door.
so do whatever you like. i killed allready someone, so i have no hurry. and when you think who i am, please send me a message private.
Door Pain Killer  22-04-2008 16:24:56
i think that now francesca is not at home becouse she isn't online on if u want killer move on and wait her in front of her door!!!maybe u will wait 4 a long long time!!!and maybe i'm your killer muhahhauahahauhahhauahhhhhh!!!
Door Pain Killer  22-04-2008 16:22:06
francesca lives in alameda praa joao do rio...the university is istituto tecnico in alameda also.. i know who r u francesca's killer!!!
Door Pain Killer  22-04-2008 16:11:49
anna sanna lives in rua cidade de cardiff 42 2nd flor..i don't remember the direction.. metro station's not so difficult to found her place..i don't know anything about her classes..just that she study pharmacy in cidade universitaria!!! hope that this help u to found her!!! bye killer!!
Door Best killer  22-04-2008 15:59:21
Francesca does not use the metro to go to the university.
Her faculty is in Alameda, it's near from her place..
Door starting to kil  22-04-2008 15:12:55
can someone tell me at what time fransesca goes to minipreco usually, wich metro she takes and where her faculty is. It would be nice to start hunting her TOMORROW!!!
Door to the killer of lars  22-04-2008 12:51:54
do you want to kill lars?
I heard he has a test today, so has to go to university. Want to know more?
Door Claudia  22-04-2008 12:00:06
to my killer, i will be at home today because i need to study, so don't waste time searching for me
see you........or maybe not!!
Door ?!  22-04-2008 11:46:54
Mariana went in university this morning....she went out more or less at 7.45!!!she takes everyday the metro from Restauradores to Marques de Pombal.
Then she takes the bus till Ajuda....she have to come back, but i don't know the time!Yesterday she returned home more or less at 9...This is all that i know about her...
Good Luck Killer
Door H  22-04-2008 02:59:19
anybody knows any of her classes or activities at university?
Door sven  22-04-2008 02:10:59
maybe i want to do it mister f
we meet eachother at my place.
Door P  22-04-2008 02:04:22
i agree with you...
take it easy... and have fun!
Door f  22-04-2008 01:44:31
Ok relax..
Sven do you want to go for a beer tomorrow.. Cosy with the two of us?
Door to GOTCHA OFFICIAL ORGANISATION  22-04-2008 01:42:49
Well said !!!
People have got to relaaaax
Door desperate killer  22-04-2008 01:42:38
I want informations about Mariana!!!
Where she lives, study and what she does during her freetime!!
Door jack sparrow  22-04-2008 01:37:40
? maybe you can tell michelles killer what time she's going to her university every day..
Door GOTCHA OFFICIAL ORGANISATION  22-04-2008 01:30:58

this game is designed to get to know eachother better.
We have the feeling that the game is getting to hard involved into our lives. Take it as a game not as a real world.

Don't be afraid every moment of the day. Go out with friends.
And please, don't put every detail of a persons life on the blog.
Only with university, transportation and adress you should figure out how to kill someone.

So after discussion: it is forbidden to make emailadresses to kill persons.

When we have the feeling things getting to phisological we shall introduce a day of rest. or hours to not attack.

So COOL DOWN we are only one day busy.
Live your lives and try to attack persons in the hours you are free. Don't skip classes or what so ever. Try to trust persons.

Organise activities in group. ENJOY eachother during the game, DON'T AVOID eachother!

Give your opinions
Door ghost  22-04-2008 01:29:04
good night killers, tomorrow you will be victims..
Door consideration  22-04-2008 01:06:57
These games are fun, but don't really stimulate us to become better people...first we got practise in we're turning into killers!!!
not cool...
Door One friendly message  22-04-2008 00:59:51
Sleep weel in your bed, because you're in a safe place....good night
Door the unkown id  22-04-2008 00:55:35
Anna Sanna usually does jogging at Oriente at the weekend. 18h00m.

Don't know her very well. I guess she's Italian, must love "Pasta"!
Door ?  22-04-2008 00:53:31
Michelle lives in the flat.Her room is the first one when you enter in the apartment.
She studies Bellas Artes in Chiado, in the same university of Paulo, but they aren't in the same class...maybe you can catch her in rua Garret in Chiado, because is the street that she does everyday for going to school...She's often in Bairro Alto with other friends, so you can find her alone also in the not so difficult to kill her!!!!!!!!
Door SNAKE  22-04-2008 00:38:23
info about Michelle (Swissssss) !!!
Door who am i  22-04-2008 00:21:50
thank you very much xxxxx
Door TO MATE's KILLER  22-04-2008 00:15:13
Mate is Brazilian and studies architecture at Lusofona. Takes the green line to university (Campo Grande stop).
Classes at tue, wed and thursdays from about 8am to 1pm. But she studies with other brazilian killers, so its not that easy!

if that is not enough, she lives in Rua 1o de Dezembro, 3. Just wait at the door around that time.

see you soon
Door iceman  22-04-2008 00:11:21
look behind you....I have a glass of water .....
Door ?  22-04-2008 00:09:43
Mat Carvalho is Brasilian, and she lives in the apartment 13, near Sven and Guillerme..I think she studies em Universidade Tecnica, with Guillerme.
They are in the same class, and they go together in university...
I don't think that is good for you to kill her there...maybe you need to discover what she does in her freetime..
Door mat  22-04-2008 00:07:40
mat... she's a brazilian. she studies at lusofona with two brazilian tiago and guillerme. she has class 3,4 and 5 from 8 to 13, but i think is not a good idea catch her at school because she always with her friends.
but she likes to walk at expo every weekend. if you are in hurry, i think you have to wait for her in her home at 1 dezembro 3...
i hope i halpped you

you catch her tiger!!!!
Door xxxx  22-04-2008 00:05:22
Elena studies history of Art...i think that tomorrow she will go out around 9,30,because she needs to be at school at 10, and come back aroun 4,30-5. if i have more information i will write it.
Door who am i?  21-04-2008 23:59:43
hi, xxxxx could you please let me know something more about elena capelli? i'm looking for her desperetely. do you know something about her day tomorrow? what time is she gonna arrived back home. if she's gonna to some museum or hairdress, i don't know, anything! what's she studies?

any information is welcome...

i want blood, i mean, water!!!!
Door Gotcha Official Organization  21-04-2008 23:59:09
the organization is listening to your request.
We will put all effort to get the fucking killers online.

hereby we want to adress our biggest sorry to all the people how may find inconvenience of this game.
With this game you probably lost all the thrust in your friends,
your schoollive is to heavy to bare, because you can get attacted infront of all your collegues.
And you always hope that the door of your house is open to run as soon as possible inside.

Live is hard, and this until WEDNESDAY the 30th of april.
and NOT the 3th of may!!!

We will have a big show at the end, where all the competetors will be present.
So schedual 10 o'clock in the night at Rua primeiro de dezembro 3 at the roofterrace to know who is the best, who is the worst and who was the person who needed kill you!
Door slyyyyy  21-04-2008 23:57:56
So as i was leaving home today, what did i find waiting for me outside my door? ....That's right! A waterbottle, half full, strategically hiding, just waiting for me...

Hey you 'wannabe killer' wanna kill me? Well then you're gonna have to catch me! I wont make it easy for you []
Door ???  21-04-2008 23:46:52
Mat Carvalho she is Brazilian!!!
Door afraid killer  21-04-2008 23:28:39
can you please make a list of all killers here so we can know the people we have to be afraid of?

Thank you,
The Afraid Killer
Door ????  21-04-2008 23:08:22
Who is Mat?
Door xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  21-04-2008 22:53:48
I want to know everything about Mat!
Door f  21-04-2008 22:51:46
the only thing I know about Anna Sanna is that she indeed lives in anjos and that she is a very motivated girl
I think it will be difficult for the one that has to kill her.
I'm sorry, I don't know more about her.
Door ABOUT PIERLUIGI MASALA  21-04-2008 22:50:49
Pierluigi Masala also known as PIGI.
He studies Economics at ISCTE (Entre Campos). He spends a lot of time with Valentina Togliatti (also killer), his girlfried. He lives in Rua Carlos Mardel 118 (Alameda) You can also find him at Valentina's place ( Praa Joao Rio, 5, ALAMEDA)
I think the better way to get him is to catch him when he's going to university, because many times he goes alone.

Good Luck!
Door pf  21-04-2008 22:40:57
Why nobody asked about Mat, Pierluigi, Walter, Anneleen, Jess?????.....and why nobody answer at questions about Anna Sanna, and Hanne????Please, let's play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Door Organisations desperate service  21-04-2008 22:40:52
The game organisation is not responsible for unclearness about the victim.
You got the adress, the faculty.
Cidade universitaria farmacia and probably the 4th year.
Find her, go to the erasmus office. Hunt her!
search the internet. On facebook you have a group where anna sanna is located. join.
Door 007  21-04-2008 22:36:28
thx 4 the info about carla... can u tell me if she has classes tomarrow???
where is her uni??
Door TO GAME ORGANIZATION  21-04-2008 22:30:12

My target is Anna Sanna and i don't know her and can't get any usefull information about her here, that way i can't really play. Is she really in the game?

If so i need INFO! As soon as possible please.
Door Claudia  21-04-2008 22:27:58
So I will not pass next to the corner!!!
Door to claudia..  21-04-2008 22:24:50
You underestimate me, italian girl... u think u wont be catched but dont be so sure and confident...i am around the corner...
Door informations  21-04-2008 22:18:57
I saw Maria an Jess running around Pingo Doce 15 minutes two different moment!!!let's go Killers
Door Santa claus  21-04-2008 21:58:15
Maria is not at home,
wake you up Maria's Killer..
Door KARLA'S KILLER  21-04-2008 21:34:46
Karla is so easy to get, she lives in "The Flat" at 1o de Dezembro, 3. She is always at ARMAZENS DO CHIADO, her favourite place, she goes there everyday a few times. Good to look at FNAC and VODAFONE.

She also studies at IADE with no other killer, and she goes most of the days there walking alone, so just wait at her door about 8-9a.m.

more info soon.

Door X  21-04-2008 21:28:46
i already know she studies farmacy at cidade universitaria and lives in anjos, but that is not enough for a good killing!!

when does she have classes? days??
friends in game??
night life??
any really good place or hint to find her??
Door Kill Kenny  21-04-2008 21:06:12
Kenny to Pingo Doce? Which one? Can I still find him?
Door Sven  21-04-2008 21:05:10
I don't care.
We are all equals in this game and it is low that you use tools who could make you stronger.
In fact, you won't get information of anyone, because nobody will now anything about my daily ritm.
I am a killer not a victim.

people, play fair otherwise you will feel tormented at the end.

xau xx
Door MISS GOTCHA  21-04-2008 20:56:54
tell me everything u know about Sven's life this night and tomorrow. To kill him will be very usefull for all, as he's playing his best.
Sven, try not to cry when you are dead!
If you want to tell me something so he can't know you are telling me that, contact me to
I'll later give you a mobile phone number you can call whenever you have information about him. I'll be around!!!

I'll make you wet,
Miss Gotcha
Door mmmmmm  21-04-2008 20:36:44
Claudia Fanari has always lesson at lunch time( more or less 12.30- 14.30!!!). Usually she arrives in class really late(especially in this period), and when the lesson finish she runs at home as fast as possible.
I know that she is tring to do everything is possible to survive!!!!she takes different streets, she look everywhere, she's really into the game!!!
Today she passed in front of Pingo Doce with a plastic bag for hide her face!!!!
But attention....she can't run really fast!!!!
Go and catch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Door guilherme  21-04-2008 20:36:05
sven is a tha tha!!!!
Door frog  21-04-2008 20:30:15
kenny has left the BUILDING TO GO SHOPPING !!!!! GO NOW !!!!
Door Claudia  21-04-2008 20:27:51
To my killer, do you really think that you can kill me? please don't even try!!
and I'm actually thinking that Manteigas is a nice place to spend two weeks!!!
Door to CLAUDIA's killer  21-04-2008 20:15:40
Claudia is studying in Istcte, she studies normally political science, but in iscte the course started only from one year, so she attendes some classes of political science in the 1 year, and some other classes of other years in the faculty of History.
She never has lesson before 12 in the morning, and usually all her lessons are around lunch time. No lessons on friday.
She goes in university by metro, taking it in restauradores, but she can aswell take it in baixa. For sure she has to change in marques. When she eats in school she goes to the one for 2 euro, but i don't know where is it...

Good luck!!!
Door xxxxx  21-04-2008 20:15:19
Elena Capelli she lives in rua primero dezembro 3 app.17, she studies in Universidade Nova the one in avenida de berna..she take the blue line to go there from and she has lessons everyday but not on friday. Today she went to the class at 8 and tomorrow i think she will go around 10. She visits a lot of museum this is a good way to catch her, better when she comes back from university more or less from 4 till 5 every day..She really likes chocolate too so you can find her in Pingo Doce..but not in minipreco.

and we are not building a mafia we will only kill you all!!!
Door sound  21-04-2008 20:04:14
thiago is always with his girlfriend
BUT you can catch him walking all alone betwen his girlfriend's house (rua 1 dezembro, number 3) and his home
in chiado. or you can wait in the chiado metrostation after his class ( tuesday, wednesday and thursday) about 1 30 pm
becarefull, he screams like an ambulance

good luck
Door zzz  21-04-2008 20:03:41
where can i find the belgium girl hanne today?
Door pennywise  21-04-2008 19:54:41
sven it's freaking out!!!
so sven's killer it's your chance!
don't miss
and remember he is alcohol addict
always drunk, it will be easy for you
Door xxx  21-04-2008 19:48:27
i know some information about Guilherme
he loves to draw at the marques de pombal.
i met him there before and he spends a lot of time in his sketches. so i think it's the best way to catch him because he will be destracted drawing and listenning his i pod.
and don't forget you have to be cautious because he's capable to run very fast, don't you remember the metrogame?
Door SVEN  21-04-2008 19:46:44
i would like to ask kindly,BEST KILLER, to be not desperate.

Door informer  21-04-2008 19:45:30
Valentina studies in Tecnico, in the same university of Charles, Lars, Francesca! She lives in Alameda(i don't know the name of the street), with Anneleen and Francesca.When is not in university(i don't think that she goes there a lot of time) she's always with difficult to catch, because she's always with someone....
Door que stress  21-04-2008 19:39:17
Paulo lives in the residence, in the apartment number 8(in the corridor).
He studies in universidade de Bellas Artes in Chiado(i don't know exactly the name of the street, but i know that is more or less the street on the left, before Brasileira Bar....)
Good Luck
Door l::l:.l:l.l0  21-04-2008 19:38:02

i want to know more about elena capelli. i know she studies at nova, and it's all. where is the nova school? what's the better way to catch her? i know she always together with the others italians. they will build a MAFIA! we all must to destroy this organization cause will become worst and worst!
and you could be the next victim...
so i'd rather tell me something about this durty italian girl otherwise i can't avoid what's comnig next...
it's a red alarm!!!!
Door stressed and broken  21-04-2008 19:31:11
thanks for the information.
At minipreco. but what does she study? Does someone knows this?
Door Valentina's killer  21-04-2008 19:26:45
Can someone help mme to kill Valentina, I need some informatios.. Let me knor or I will kill you...
Mh probably I will Kill you the same..
A big kiss to everybody... Just the last one!!
Door I'm Dracula  21-04-2008 19:20:28
Hi killers,
I know something about Francesca,
she lives in praa joao do rio 3, she studys at tecnico and she really likes copa mal a kind of dessert. So it's easy to meet her in the minipreo near Alameda near to the refrigerator.. Good luck francesca's Killer!!!
Door stressed and broken  21-04-2008 19:08:59
please give me info about FRANSESCA ANSELMI
I need to have accurate information about her life.
Could the persons who live with her, give me this info.

muito obrigado
Door KENNY  21-04-2008 19:06:35
I'm to scared telling... I'm like pissing my pants! you won't see any difference when you kill me with your watergun... it's all wet already!
Door next victim?  21-04-2008 19:01:34
Who is the next victim?
Door I will kill kenny  21-04-2008 19:01:21
Ola senhor kenny
if you are so sure of youself, tell me whats your university
and do you come out of you house today?
Door The killer is coming..  21-04-2008 19:00:26
Anna Lives in Anjos, I don't know the street but she lives without killers, so it can be easy to kill her.. She studys farmacy in cidade Universitaria.. Good luck
Door yeahhhhh!!!  21-04-2008 18:59:55
I think that I'm the first! I killed her/him!!!
so next victim take care!!!
Door Kenny  21-04-2008 18:54:29
I must confess. this realy flatters me... But I can tell you it 's useless doing such an expensive cost (buying the big watergun)
you won't catch me...
Door ..the ripper  21-04-2008 18:34:43
Kenny goes to school today or tomorrow?
Door serial murderer  21-04-2008 18:28:22
kenny lives in bairro alto, rua do norte 63, he is a fast boy so it will be difficult, he knows how to distract people, the guy got me more times at the metro game. Dont shoot him with a small waterpistol, you best buy a big watergun. he studies architecture somewhere in ajude so he has to take the metro and bus via marques te pombal i think. He lives with hanne, pieter and Thomas.
Door attenzione  21-04-2008 18:23:07
Maria has kind of a italian boyfriend (also a killer), so since she doesnt has a weekly routine, the best way to get her is on the way to his house at Marques Pombal where she spends a lot of time. Probably leaving home at afternoon.
Door FD  21-04-2008 18:22:04
Info about kenny?
Door Shakira  21-04-2008 18:18:38
so paulo lives in the rossio residence, is that the exact name of the residence? can you give me a number of his room, apartement? adress of his school?

see ya
Door XX  21-04-2008 18:15:38

I would like to kill her as soon as possible but i NEED information otherwise i won't be able to do it since I don't know her. PLEASE HELP ME WITH USEFULL INFORMATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Door X  21-04-2008 18:13:11
He studies architecture at Lusofona. He goes to class tuesday, wednesday and thursday at 8a.m. from about 1p.m.
Since he always leaves with his friends, the best tactics is to wait at the university at about 8a.m. , thats the more accurate routine you will get because he spends a lot of time at home studying.
Door attenzione  21-04-2008 17:53:16
helo collegeus and enemy

i need as accurate information about fransesca anselmi as is possible.
I need it oher wise i can't do anything.
What does she really studies. Engineering is to little, because at IST you have more things with engineering. In which year does she studies.
What are her hobbies, favourite cafe, where does she eat during the lunchbreak, at school or at home? where does she goes shopping?
please help me aswell.
Door moeha  21-04-2008 16:07:23
i will come and get you sven
Door ?  21-04-2008 15:50:07
to the murderer of Charles: He won't go to school today. Try to catch him at pingo doce or somewhere in the night.
Door f  21-04-2008 15:47:18
Don't worry Sven, I know where to get you!
Door Honest information service  21-04-2008 15:44:37
to the murderer of Sven.
As I heard he has a very good tactical plan to make your search a hell.
He will spend his days at secret spots around the city, he will be always searching his victims, so you never now where he is. And school, moehahaaa, it is not important in his live.
Architecture is a course where you can work indepently.
He will probably go to the lesson but Anneleen will be there aswell. When he has lessons is the biggest question because he can choose his hours himself. Eating in the cafeteria will be skipped, he will eat in other cantinas around the city.
Waterpolo is not an issue, because he allready arranged to go by car and he has the possibility to play at different hours and aswell he has matches which allow him to skip trainings.
And for whom i may concern, he has a lot of gayfriends where he can spend the night with. SO HE WILL DO THIS.
Door jackie chan  21-04-2008 15:39:11
no pieter is not in school !
Door Lars  21-04-2008 14:35:11
OK, after all it's fair enough...
Door nemo (find me)  21-04-2008 14:04:25
message for PIETER VERCAMPTS murderer!!!!!!!!!

he's going to school by taking the metro in baixa to m. pombal. ALONE!!!!!!
Door Lars  21-04-2008 14:01:54
That's not fair at all!
Door youhavetokilllars  21-04-2008 13:46:33
Killer of lars,
I can make it very easy for you.
contact me at
Door smooth criminal  21-04-2008 12:45:03
Information on guillerme- he likes to make lots of drawings for his projets... so maybe u will find him drawing some building in town...

maria- she indeed live in the flat, but she is a difficult one to kill as she has no weekly pattern or routine... i never no where she is- so good luck, killer!

Door smooth criminal  21-04-2008 12:41:14
ola todos. can somebody tell me info about claudia??? i no she studie t ISCTE, but....when does she go to school on which days? i no she like to shop at pingo doce... so... watch out claudia! any useful information is helpful...

to who is going to try and kill me... dont feel so lucky- i will make it very difficult for you
Door bbccdd  21-04-2008 11:58:50
I think that Sven is going to kill somebody....
Door miss gotcha  21-04-2008 11:36:30
hi. tell me where sven is going to be today. I have to kill him!!!
Door killing you softly  21-04-2008 11:07:11
Info about guilherme. He lives indeed with sven.
He is these moments busy with his project and doesn't come out on a regular basis. he buys two times a week food.
He will need to go to school. The best is to wait outside the building or try to get him out with an excuse. Maybe act like his new girlfriend.

Elena does a lot of museums when i know which museums i tell it immediatly.

Charles loves to buy things at WESC. I know he will buy this week headphones there. And lars likes to take pictures. Maybe he will be outside at a monument.

and can i tell you all! you are crazy to be till 4.19 in the night on this blog. Try to be not exhausted, you need your sleep to be allert.
Door bark au au au  21-04-2008 05:19:30
anybody knows elena?
i know she likes dogstyle
durty girl!!!
Door Guilherme  21-04-2008 04:24:44
Info on Guilherme? I know he live with Sven...
Door ?  21-04-2008 04:19:41
first post about lars is totally false off course. Probably he posted it himself. Second is true i guess. What applies for Charles mostly applies for Lars. The problem is to catch one of the two alone (so difficult at univ). I think you should concentrate on their particular interests. Charles goes running indeed quite a lot at marques pombal. Lars leaves sometimes to get some bread in the morning in the shop beneath but most of the time stays at home. Leaves sometimes for the terrace or Pingo. Also he dates a lot with Claudia. They talk a lot. I think they're even a couple sometimes...
Door hh  21-04-2008 03:18:09
Yes, that's true!!!why give false informations about lars????someone is trying to save you Lars????
Door ELVIS (I AM ALIVE AND KICKING ASSES)  21-04-2008 03:14:27
Door 666  21-04-2008 03:12:49
Door hwgfjke  21-04-2008 03:11:51
things about lars...
all the things written from help to kill lars are totaly false...
do you really think he does a yoga class????????
this is too much....
Door kjhjhqefc  21-04-2008 03:09:19
you have a problem...this week he has a test in university so i think he will stay mostly of the time at home studying...
sometimes he goes to buy things in the chinese shop that is in the end of rua da madalena, he lives in the same place as charles, next to castelo. He takes the metro to get to university, and for things concerning university he does the same classes as charles, but he goes less times than you never know...

Hope to be usefull!!
Door help to kill Lars  21-04-2008 03:08:53
Lars goes to university every day. He gets up at 7 to take the metro at 7h30. He spends all day long at university and comes back home at 20h. Then he goes to McDonalds and goes to bed early. Every day the same.
Sometimes he goes to the yoga classes in cidade universitaria at 9h in the evening.
Door xxxx  21-04-2008 03:07:02
sleeptight Guilherme..this is your last night!!!
Door help me, i just want to kill Lars  21-04-2008 03:04:48
Please, nobody want to help me to kill Lars?
Door X  21-04-2008 03:00:27

information about Anna Sanna please, as much as possible, as soon as possible!
Door ...  21-04-2008 02:57:31
lars is on the same residence as charle
Door jhsgkjuahv  21-04-2008 02:57:24
Livia is in the same university of renata, they have mostly of the classes toghether, and a lot of works to make in groups after lesson in the same class, so is difficult to get her in university.
Door xxxxxxxxx  21-04-2008 02:56:28
Hi, do you know something about Lars from Belgium?Does he live with Charles?and are they in the same university, in the same class?Does he go every day to university?
Please, let me know
Door CAPTAIN JACK  21-04-2008 02:56:06
Door fff  21-04-2008 02:50:21
Ol!Livia goes in university in santos, and usually she goes by foot(especially if the weather is good). I think that tomorrow she will go in the morning, but late....i can't give you an hour, because she's always late(it's impossible to know when she will arrive in university)..
But pay attention, because she has one class with Renata, and so you can't kill her if they are togheter...
Door Pedro Nabais (or maybe not)  21-04-2008 02:48:46
Hello person who is trying to kill me! I don't live in the residence and I don't go to Pingo Doce (i think nobody will this week). You can find me in IST and I live in Lisboa. My free time is spent in Porto (the city) so you can go there and stay for 2 weeks. I have 3 water-bodyguards so it will be very difficult to kill me. Good luck!

Killing YOU softly,
Pedro Nabais
Door morango  21-04-2008 02:48:17
paulo goes every weekend to viana do casteilo.
Maybe a place to visit this weekend?

Livia: she lives in rua dezembro 3 app 17.
she doesn't trust anybody and she kindly asks to not kill her in front of her teachers.
She buys stuff in pingo, but she offcours can change plans.
She walks to her university along baixa and jamaica.
NEVER true bairro alto. But this could change offcourse.
Tomorrow she will hae nothing to do. So she probably is out very short. So best killer have a nice time waiting in Rossio.
Door I LOVE LIVIA!!!  21-04-2008 02:46:27
Livia Minoja
age 23
She lives at rua primero de dezembro 3 bell 17.
she always walks to go to university that is next to santos, so she walk all rua do ouro and she turns more or less where the camera municipal is.
she really loves chocalate and cakes from minipreco so you can found her buying those things in minipreco or pingo doce of dezembro 3.
she always comes alone completely drunk from Lux, so you can kill her in this moments!!!
tomorrow i will put her schedule plain.
Door ????  21-04-2008 02:43:31
Paulo Meixeido lives alone in the residence, so usually he goes out and he returns home alone....he studies in Facultade de Bellas Artes in Chiado. In the same university there is also Michelle, but i'm sure that they aren't in the same class...
Door ciao  21-04-2008 02:40:42
Paulo lives in the rossio residence and studies art at the 'faculdade de belas artes' in chiado...dont know what times he is alone, but i can get back to you on that
Door ???  21-04-2008 02:37:41
Livia goes in universidade autonoma, that is in rua santa marta. She's studing architecture,she is usually in university in the late afternoon, she takes the bus to go there or she goes by foot passing next to the theatre. She goes to Pingo Doce to by things.

Good luck!!
Door iiiiiiiiiiiiiii  21-04-2008 02:37:31
Ol todos...i need informations about Pedro Nabais!who is Pedro Nabais?is he the portugues that lives in the residence?or is the other one???thanks
Door BRITNEY SPARES  21-04-2008 02:34:25
where can i find paulo meixeido? is he allone sometimes?

Door g  21-04-2008 02:34:16
Peter: he lives in bairro alto, in rua do norte n 63 with Kenny, Thomas, and Anne....
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:33:33
Tell me everything you know about Livia.
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:30:28
No it's just difficult to say, I don't know yet how to catch him alone. If I know something, you can read it here.
Door a  21-04-2008 02:29:33
how can i get her?
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:29:18
ok this is the time that I'm gonna ask for some cash first..
Door thirsty for more info  21-04-2008 02:26:27
what time does he come home? when would he be alone...?
Door i will survive!!!  21-04-2008 02:25:02
Anna Sanna
I don't know a lot about her..i think she studies pharmacy at universidade de Lisboa so cidade universitaria metro station..
you can found her in bairro with all the others italians..
more information soon
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:24:51
He doesn't go running very much so I think it might not be a point to concentrate on. The pingo doce he goes is the one in Rossio.
The building at Tecnico is the North Tower, that is the right one if you enter the school from the main entrance.
More things?
Door a  21-04-2008 02:24:51
Thanks for the help...
would you know what time does charles run in marques? And what days?
In Which building does he study at university?
Which pingo doce does he go to?
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:18:53
Maria lives at "The Flat" in a room with yellow door, also know as Sharapova. Like most of the residents of The Flat, shops at Pingo Doce.....
Door ?  21-04-2008 02:11:56
Ok, I can tell you some things about Charles.
The address below is indeed correct. To go to university he takes the metro in Rossio mostly at Praca da figueira. His university is in Alameda. Tomorrow (monday) he has classes between 14h and 18h30, although it is not sure that he will go at 14h, maybe only at 17h until 18h30.
Tuesday he has classes from 15h30 until 18h30 and wednesday it depends again. If he is still alive by then I can check it and let you know. He has of course other habbits like shoping in Pingo Doce, although he might change all these things now, so it is not very useful I think.
If you need more (specific) things, ask me and I'll tell what I know.
Greets from ?? who could this be ?
Sorry Charles
Door ghik  21-04-2008 02:09:19
Ol, I don't know a lot of things about Francesca....but i'm sure that she lives in Anneleen place, and that she studies engineering at IST!!!
Door X  21-04-2008 02:09:05

She didn't go to praca camoes, so i need any information you can give, from what days she study to her favorite food. A SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thanks, see you
Door try to kill me baby  21-04-2008 02:07:36
i have information about Thiago!

Thiago has a girlfriend called Renata, they are always together. when he has school he mostely goes home to his house in bairro alto. around 12 hours. Ideal is to kill him at school or when he goes home late.

Information about Sven.
he goes every wednesday and friday to waterpolo, but he haves games at the moment. When does games are i don't know. He is as wel injured, so i don't know he playes.

A difficult person because he is always together with thomas and Kenny and Hanne.
But he likes to drink shots in bairro So maybe the ideal moment is to kill him when walking home from the shotbar.
Door dddddddddd  21-04-2008 02:02:57
Ol gente!!!
I know for sure how can you find Sven...he can't live without Coca-Cola Zero and ananas....are like a drug for him!!! So i think you can search for him everywhere you can find them....
Door killimangaro  21-04-2008 01:59:25

i need information about fransesca! she studies at IST, but what and it which year?
And does she live at Anneleen's place or not?
What does she do during the day?
Door COUNTDOWN  21-04-2008 01:59:21
Door ahahaha  21-04-2008 01:48:29
Ol, i need informations about Maria!!!please, help me....where does she live?and where does she study???
Door Pedro Nabais  21-04-2008 01:41:52
hi there! You know that in Portugal S.Pedro is the saint that decides the weather. So it's me!! So if the person I have to kill gets wet by rain she/he will be killed =P If it rains as much as these days, it will be an erasmus genocide!!
Don't kill too much, let me kill a bit ,
Pedro Nabais
Door killerrrrrrr  21-04-2008 01:41:07
Sven, he lives in rua primero de dezembro 3 bell 15, he usally goes to pingo doce to buy stuff but sometimes to minipreco to. he is in iscte, where he studys architecture with Anneleen, he dosen't have class on monday.
to go to university he takes the blue line from restauradores till marques and in marques he changes and takes the yellow till entrecampos. he plays waterpolo on wednesday at 8 and friday at 9 more or less in cidade universitaria.
he will be a very difficult victim because he is really suspicious!
Door unknown  21-04-2008 01:40:45
Ola a todos!!!
Sven lives in the recidence in Rossio, he goes to university more or less everyday, but not on monday. He studies architecture in ISCTE. He goes normally to Pingo Doce, he plays waterpolo in the swimmingpool in cidade universitaria, every wednesday and friday, from 8 till 10more or less...He takes the blue line in restauradores to go school...He loves the Green canteen in his school, sometimes he eats in Armazen do Chiado, his favourite shop is Lomografica in Bairro alto...he's a good'll have a lot of problems in succeed on killing him!!

Good luck!!!
Kill him!!!!!!
Door the person that will kill kenny  21-04-2008 01:35:40
Ola, I need infomation about kenny. Where he study and when he goes to school? Where lives he? Other helpful things?
Door killer  21-04-2008 01:31:50
can somebody tell me something about Pieter Vercampt?
Door unknown  21-04-2008 01:29:37
Hi people. Can you helpp me to find Sven? I need to know the places he usually goes to and the classes he has. He lives in "the flat" right? If you can help me I will help you too!
Door xxxxxxxxxx  21-04-2008 01:25:56
Federico Lubello, he lives around marques de pombal is erasmus on ISCTE, he study can found him in Alameda sometimes where Pierlugi live, or sometimes in rua primero de dezembro 3, in the Flat,he uses the yellow line to go to university and he goes down on entrecampos

good luck
Door KILLER  21-04-2008 01:22:01
Thiago can be a problem, cause he will spend allot of time with his girlfriend. I dont know or you can catch him allone.

Door a killer  21-04-2008 01:18:57
Charles, he lives with Lars in Calada de Marqus de Tancos 18 in the first floor, is the street to go to castelo. He studies in IST with Lars aswell, he goes in pingo doce, he uses the metro to go to university, sometimes he runs in marques. for the moment no other things....
Door KILLER  21-04-2008 01:14:44

yeah hunting season is open, i'm gonna catch you :p

greetz from KILLER
Door Puzzle  21-04-2008 01:08:25
Need information on charles...
what can you tell me about him? Where does he live, where does he study? Got to know...
Door XXXXX  20-04-2008 23:05:05
And what about Federico Lubello? Can somebody please tell me all he knows about Federico?
Door who am I????  20-04-2008 20:18:23
Ola killers!!!
time to kill is coming....i need your help!!!
I need all the information you can have about Thiago!!!!
please tell me everything!!!
Where does he live?
What does he study?
Does he live in the residence aswell?

A killer of us...
Door anoniempje  19-04-2008 20:26:27
tonight 12o'clock we meet at praca camoes, to start the game!
be there
Door lahgf  19-04-2008 20:26:18
be carefull....
Door hegbfqjbv   19-04-2008 20:19:13
i will kill you!!!!
ah ah ah....
Door mr.anonymous  19-04-2008 15:48:58
LET THE GAME BEGIN!!! I'm so into killing people (with water).
Comment: I think it's very difficult to find the person alone. I think you should be able to kill even with a friend or 2 of him/her. Otherwise I have to make everyone's everyday schedules and mark their houses in a map (which I will)!

Kill safely,
mr. anonymous
Door anoniempje  18-04-2008 17:25:37
yes hello everybody.
when you are on this internetpage, you are a competetor of the first lisbon gotcha game!
when you have questions about the person you need to kill, you always can ask it here! But for your own good, do it anonimously!

good luck with killing your friends.
Door walter wilders  18-04-2008 02:28:32
when and where do we get the information about the person we have to kill?
Door pieter  18-04-2008 00:02:22

to add a message click on 'voeg een bericht toe'

write your message in the box named 'tekstbericht'

do not forget to copy the code in the blue image to send your message
Door  17-04-2008 23:39:27 en wensen je nog veel gastenboekplezier toe.
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