Things Girls Care About More Than Looks
It is not all about the looks. Men might find this hard to believe, but it is true. For most women, looks are a requisite but not the most important thing they are looking for in a guy. There are a handful of other things that women look for in their man and a proper mix of these things is what most girls prefer. In case you rank not too high in the looks department or if you are right at the top, whatever is the case, read on to know what the other factors that girls care about are.
1. Personality
You may have the looks, but if you donít have the personality to go with it then itís a bummer. By personality we mean the way you carry yourself, what
you wear, your gait, are you confident or not etc. A good personality instantly attracts and can more than make up for average looks.
2. Mannerisms
There are few things that are as big a turn off as bad manners. If you are rude to waiters or drivers, or if you are too
loud in public, or if you display too much rage when travelling in traffic then you immediately fall into a girls Ďstay away fromí list. You have to have good manners. It is more important than looks for sure.

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