Bruges Bike Rental

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Door Karen Hogg  31-12-2018 02:11:00
Hello from Australia, We would like to hire 2x bikes for 5 days from 29 Jun to 3 Jul 2019, to do daily tours around the region. (Preferably sport bikes, if possible).
We want to book before we arrive please to be sure we have bikes available for us.

And can you recommend a good 4* hotel?

Door Karelia Wilkinson   29-11-2018 16:56:16
We'd like to hire bikes for 5 days for touring. How much will that cost and do you have panniers?
Thank you.
Door Erum  11-11-2018 19:10:35
I am doing a research on e-bikes and would like to know how many people on average rent regular bikes and how many people on average rent e-bikes per month?
Kind regards,
Erum Khalid
Door John  07-11-2018 14:51:56
Hi, I would like to rent a mountain bike from 29/11/18 - 02/12/18. Can you let me know how much this is and what make/model of bike is available to hire. Thanks
Door Amirtha Kulasekaran Kannan  23-10-2018 14:06:23
Hi, I like to rent a mountain bike for a day in Bruges. Could you please let me the where I could get one and other necessary info before renting one. I like to rent it on 24 th October evening.
Thanks and regards,
Door Anthony McKinney  06-09-2018 21:46:09
I'd like to rent two Kind bikes (my wife and I have two children) on September 20th & 21st, All day. I will search for a way to reserve online, unless this is the only way?

Merci, Dank je, Dankeschön, and Thank you kindly
Door Amy  05-09-2018 06:36:45

I would like to book 2 x tandem bikes for 4 hours on Saturday 9 September - please could you let me know how I can book this?


Door Dale Durocher  29-08-2018 17:02:05
We would like to rent 2 adult bikes for one day - September 9, 2018
pick up 09:00 am retuurn 15:00 pm
1 tall man
1 regular woman
would like basket for woman's bike
Do you have helmets?

Please let us know how to book these with you?
Thank you
Door M Scheffler  24-08-2018 14:29:50
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
Me and a group of friends are planning to make a bike tour in Northern Belgium, so I wonder I could rent from you 4 bikes from Friday Sep 14th in the morning until Sunday Sep 16th evening. Per rental app, you should have bikes available, but they are listed as City Bikes.
Do the bikes have baggage racks, and eventually different sizes (we would need 3 times the size XL, one time L), and preferably would also rent accessories as panniers, locks, and helmets.
Do you have such equipment available during the above mentioned period?
Thanks in advance,
Michael Scheffler
Zurich, Switzerland
Door Lesley Mitchell   21-08-2018 08:41:59
I would like two rent 2 adults bikes for 2 days, from Sat 25 August to Monday 27. One for a tall man, the other for an average height lady. Please can you confirm this is ok. Many thanks, Lesley
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