Bruges Bike Rental

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Door Stefan  17-07-2018 19:55:35

We are a nice lot of 9 people and would like to rent preferably 4 tandems and a normal bike on the 21/07/18. Do you need any further information? Is it necessary to book in advance?

Door Blue Wilson  13-07-2018 10:59:40
I'm looking to hire a tandem on the 19th - 20th July, we would pick up at around 530pm on the 19th and drop off at 1030 on the 20th. How do I reserve this and what would be the cost?
Thank you,
Door Anirudh Khanna  07-07-2018 00:00:13
Visiting Bruges July 22-25
Was hoping to rent bikes and ride to Damme on either the 23rd or 24th
How can I reserve bikes in advance
Door Oliver Hildebrand  06-07-2018 17:26:19
We would like to hire 5 adult bikes (two women, three men) on Saturday, 28th July from around 10 o'clock for the day.
I would very much appreciate if you could send me a confirmation.
Door Rhona Morrissey  05-07-2018 21:51:41
We would like to hire 2 bikes from 4th-9th August 2018. Do we need to book in advance or can we book upon arrival?
Thank you.
Door camille maxime  05-07-2018 21:31:11
I kindly ask you info about availability and price for two bikes and a child carrier to be rented for the following period:

Check In: 30/07/2018
Check Out: 02/08/2018

The bikes should be as follow:
1 Adult Bike for woman
1 Adult Bike for man
1 child carrier

Could you kindly contact me in order to arrange the request?
Thank you
Door Nels Johnson  05-07-2018 01:05:06
My wife and I would like to rent 2 bikes for a week, starting this Sunday (8 July). We plan to travel around West Flanders, so anything with racks for panniers would be fine! (I’m 185cm, she’s 170). We should get into Bruges around 4:00 Sunday, and would return the bikes before that time the following Sunday (15 July).

Glad to guarantee via Venmo, PayPal, or whatever you’d accept to book the reserve!
Door Joel Karp  03-07-2018 16:39:26
I wish to rent 2 bikes for tomorrow July 4, for myself (170 cm) and my wife (160 cm). I prefer sport bikes. Please let me know if i may make a reservation and what time I may stop by in the morning.
Door France I TER WEELE  22-06-2018 23:03:06
I will be in town on July 14. Was hoping to get 3 bikes (adult with kids ages 13, 16). Can we just show up at 10 am? Is it easy to get from you to Damme? I see that is about a half hour ride. If we did that, poked around Damme and came back, how long do you think makes for a good day?
Door Ronald Werner  18-06-2018 22:52:09
Do you supply or rent helmets with your bikes?
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