Bruges Bike Rental

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Door اخبار پرسپولیس   20-04-2017 13:17:46
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Door Marcia  18-04-2017 14:44:26
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to rent a "Kind" / Tricycle bike for Thursday, April 20th? Preferably the one with the black box as shown on your site. Thank you!
Door Bourgeois marie-pierre  11-04-2017 22:07:15

Do you have email i can contact to reserve 2 bikes for 3 days, 29, 30 April and 1 may 2017?
thank you

Door Lilian C Santos  08-04-2017 00:14:17
Hello, I am visiting Bruges in 13/14 may. I want rent 2 bikes. Could you send me more informations and if i can make a reservation.
Door stefano delle monache  02-04-2017 22:06:52
Hello, I'm visiting Bruges in June 2017, and I would like to book two bicycles (for me and my girlfriend) for one week (27.06 - 02.07). Is there an email where I can contact you for the details?

Best regards,
Door Sylvia Klier  01-04-2017 21:45:24
me and my family are visiting Brugges on the 17th of August 2017. we would like to rent three bikes ( 2 adult, 1 child 11 years). We plan to rent the bikes for six days to 22th of August. Could you please share the detail.
Thanks a lot.
Door JUAN  22-03-2017 20:42:23
Hello, Me and my family are visiting Brugges on the 8th of April 2017. We would like to rent 5 bikes to visit Damme. We plan to use the bikes all day long. Cold you please share the details? Thanks in advance
Door SATHISH  15-03-2017 14:31:54
Hello, I'm visiting Ostende on this Saturday 18th march 2017. I would like to rent a bicycle for a 4 to 6 hours to have a road trip. Could you please share the details about the bikes and price details on hourly basis.
Door Isabelle Tritsch  14-03-2017 11:17:32
Hello !
I would like to reserve a tandem bike for the saturday 1st avril for two adults. Is-it ok ?
Do I need to confirm by email or by phone ?
Thanks a lot !
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