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Door karl hammarlund  21-09-2017 22:58:02
I would like to know if you also offer services for repairing bikes. My bike needs to change a inner tube since the air is going out all the time.
Thank you
Kind regards
Door Steuerbüro Engels  05-09-2017 08:47:11
Hi there
we would like to rent 10 bikes on 16-09-2017 (9 women, 1 man) for the whole day. Please let me know, if it´s possible...
Door Deb Drain   27-08-2017 22:32:11
We are interested in renting road bikes for the fietsvedetjes the Tour Care India event on 24/9/2017. My husband is 6'4" and rides a 59.5cm road bike and I am 5'7" and ride a 53cm road bike. Do you have any available for 23/9/2017 and 9/24/2017. And can we return them on Sunday or Monday?
Thank you,
Deb Drain
Door Thidoin   11-08-2017 01:43:54


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Door p r flynn  08-08-2017 17:29:55
Do you rent 3 seat tandem bike (to carry 3 persons) ?
Door tom  24-07-2017 17:14:57
Like your web music. Who is the artist?
Door Rallu  18-07-2017 10:20:10
Hello !
I would to reserv 3 bicycles and 3 tandems for the 22th of july around 4pm for 2 hours !
Please tell me it is possible !
Thank you
Door David Kuenzli  16-07-2017 20:03:13
We would like to rent 3 e-bikes 20 July at approximately 11:00 for 4 hours. Please email availability.
Door دانلود سریال عاش   13-07-2017 00:06:55
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Door Luana Miani  12-07-2017 12:15:41
Good morning, we are interesting to rent one bike for woman and an e-bike for man for the period that goes from 27 July to 1 August.
Do you have avalilability of these two types of item? Thank you very much for your collaboration.
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